Wood Fence in Calgary, AB

Wood Fencing has been the backbone of residential fencing in the Calgary area since the beginning.  They have made it last longer by creating better preservatives for Pressure treated lumber, plus now they offer it in two colors.  One being green and the new color is brown.  You can never go wrong in choosing wood, as long as you don’t pick spruce lumber.  Pressure treated or Cedar should be your only two options for wood fencing.

Wood Retaining Walls

Perhaps you are looking to replace your old retaining wall.  Wood has continually been a great choice for people that want to replace their old wood wall.  If done correctly that wall will last another 25+ years.  There are many ways wood walls can be built, but higher the wall there are more restrictions and less options to be done correctly.

Wood Decks & Extras

A great deal of people these days are adding decks to their homes for the added living space and for their outdoor enjoyment. Sometimes an added touch maybe a Pergola, Privacy Screen, Trellis or even an Arbour can be the finishing touch to compliment any yard.

“If you can dream it, we can build it”